A  Halo  Custom  Edition  Mapping  Team

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Nova team members.

Once upon a time there were 3 people, they were friends; their names were, "Spark", "Dumb_AI" and "LMTHeretic", they decided that they wanted to get noticed in the Halo mapping industry, so they formed a team, they soon realized that, skill wise, they didn't have all of what is needed to make maps, they had co-ordination, ideas, concept art, BSP models and BSP texture roles. They resorted to looking into recruiting, they made a thread on Many travelers from around the world came to join, (That's where I came in), soon after, something random and unforeseen happened, we all got busy and fasted from Halo mapping for 11 moons.

11 moons later, I remembered that I was recruited for a team with no name. I gathered what was left of us after the fast; "Spark", "Dumb_AI" and myself, "Hobbet360". Once again, this team was a trio. We adopted the name, "Nova", then soon came up with the idea of making a Christmas map that featured co-op styled play; Nova had a purpose! We still need more members.