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WARNING: This is a self notes page, reader discretion is advised; it will probably contain course language and shit.

Since this is a self notes page, you will find out ALL of the horny details I have planned for you fuckers at Halomaps and those places, SPOILERS ARE INBOUND, so if you are smart, and want to experience my creations how they are meant to be experienced, you would wait until release date and read the public posts.

What's next?

Well, I have a desk full of sticky notes full of things I need to do; not everything, well not that much at all. :P

I am focusing mostly on Episode One; The Prologue, The Ship (unnamed ship lol), The Mayan Place, <Maybe another fill-in level>, Final temple.


      -Prologue is modeled, pretty much done. (1 BSP, maybe another optional one)

      -The Ship is modeled, it just needs some more details. (3 BSPs, 1. Training room, bridge and stairs. 2.              Hangar and halls. 3. Engine room)

      -The Mayan Place has been "base modeled", no details at all have been done, I need to extend the                     warthog run a tad. (3 BSPs, 1. Outside the temple. 2. Inside the temple. 3. The desert/pelican escape)

     -Maybe a fill-in level, between the next temple.

     -Final temple (desert) has just had an over hall and the inner temple (2nd BSP) is still in progress; not far        from detailing.

- The project that will probably die at an old age when BLAM! is already in ruins.

The short version of the story line of Nyx.      (WARNING: SPOILERS!!!)

In the briefing, they said that "Nyx is about a new planet that harbors some structures of massive forerunner 

significance"- They must've been off their rocker, on drugs, higher than a Sasquatch that just pulled the volcano bong. The Covenant, hired as double agent mercenaries, steal this intel and

leave the humans stranded on the planet. The command begin to grow weary and send the

best of the UNSC to see what has happened (including good covie and spartan 108), as suggested by the Admiral's Second in Command. <--- Evil.

The player and Co. investigate the planet, but are intercepted by a rogue cruiser; part of the double agency. The interceptions put forth a desperate attempt at stopping the player and Co. from reaching Nyx. After fending them off, the crew orbit Nyx and send down the team to the first suspected location; nothing but a distraction, apart from a cinematic chase scene between Ivan and an unknown crew member. Second location; the right place, the team clears out the exterior, works their way to the core and realizes that something is wrong. With his team held at gunpoint; Ivan has to make a decision whether to save his team; his friends, and discard all hope of completing the mission, or do what he was sent here to do, download the information; and risk losing the team.

If the player choices to kill his team, he will be killed.

If not, Owens drops the F-Bomb (Flashbang) and destroys the console, the team leaves.

The team take Sanchez's pelican to the ship, as Ivan majestically walks off and says, "There, it is done." with everyone else with their helmets off and distressed faces, Owens with a group of traitors behind him, lifts a magnum to Ivan and shoots.

Ivan is dazed, on the ground, watching a blurred battle; screams and gunshots are heard all around.

Owens then jumps on Ivan and punches him in the face plate, smashing the visor, he punches again, knocking Ivan out.

^^^^^ Episode one complete and shit.

Episode Two.

Ivan awakens in a liquid oxygen glass capsule, in a base of human architecture.

Only being able to look around, Ivan can see people working around him, beside him, in another capsule seems to be a fucked up piece of artwork, some alien; looks like it has never seen the light of day, like a druggo!

Owens enters the room, followed by the Admiral's second in command. Ivan panics, trying to yell and beat his way out of the capsule, in a desperate attempt to do... "fucked if I know". The second in command (SIC), says crap about how he gave the general the idea of sending a spartan, how he just needs to take teh DNA and shit, and mutate some shit to do shit to rule teh fooken universe or sum shit. the SIC finishes with "it's been 512 days, you dumb fuck", or something along those lines.


Player control goes to Boltha, the ODST dude with the green stripes.

He does some fishing early in the morning, armed with a bow, hunting knife, spear... teh good stuff. He locates Bourke, leading a survival rebellion that is unfit to fight, aswell as locating the holding place of Ivan, sneaking through the vents, he is like a futuristic Sam Fisher. He thoroughly plans his route in an exhibition inside the base.

The rest of the level where Boltha sneaks in and plans shit, is taken up by killing patrols that are close to finding the location of the rebel base; harvesting ammo for the rebellion.

Boltha then goes after Ivan, freeing him, they bust out and take refuge in a cave entrance, during the night, Boltha is torn apart by the "things" that dwell in darkness AND EAT YOUR HAPPY DREAMS!!!! Ivan escapes and player control is given back to him. Boltha, holding the fuckers off, tells Ivan the location of Sanchez, before perishing into a bloodbath of darkness.

Ivan goes after Sanchez, finding out that she had been captured by "darkness", and beaten and raped randomly. They refuge on a cliff face indent, where a G rated love story is unfolded. When Sanchez finally rests (not dirty at all, it's just talking YOU SICK FUCK!) Ivan goes back in and SLAYS EVERY LAST UNDEAD/LIVING PIECE OF SHIT THAT WALKS/CRAWLS/DOESN'T BREATH WHICH ANGERS THOSE BASTARDS, all in vengeful anger. He returns and has a nap - THAT SICK FUCK!

With the ship that brought them to Nyx destroyed, and the remains under control of the SIC's people, there is no way off the planet. Ivan and Sanchez return to the rebellion and recuperate.

The rebellion, still not as fit as they'd like to be, for fighting, hits the base hard in an attempt to steal a ship to escape Nyx. Shit happens and Owens acts as a boss and kills Bourke in a cinematic. After obtaining a ship, all of the remaining rebels hop on, except Ivan and Sanchez. Ivan helps Sanchez on the ship, risking his own chance of making it home. Ivan, stranded, then chooses to destroy the base in an attempt to end it all. Ivan blows that shit-hole up, but the SIC escapes and makes it back to Earth - Ivan is shot by him, before blowing his self up in the explosion.

Some notes on the characters.

Ivan - His personality is the only one not quite figured out, but he is the main player. He is Sanchez's lover and, because of the fact that he is a spartan, he is the most powerful. "Who do you suggest?", "Ivan 108, though any Spartan will do". - Admiral and his Second in Command.

Sanchez - Started piloting at an early age, before joining the UNSC navy. She new Ivan from childhood and was devastated when she found that he "died" (kidnapped and replaced with a robot); she then met him again whilst preparing for battle. Her sometimes "cocky" approach towards life has gotten her and her squads out of tough situations.

Owens - Though not much is known about him, he has been described as "sadistic" and "erratic" on the battlefield, by the few of his squad that lived. He only just got released from prison for this mission.

Bourke - Bourke has always been a great leader, fought in many battles, and told many jokes.

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